Sunday, 25 November 2012


Back to France.

So I haven't really found time to do a new post since I returned to England. So this is a long time due.

I had my first mini-holiday all alone in Paris. I stayed right in the middle of the red light district in Paris, which was quite an experience, and I got accosted by a South African man who thrust a bracelet onto my wrist and demanded money (other than that he was kinda friendly), but all in all it was a good trip. I saw all the touristy things that I had never seen...


Obviously the Eiffel Tower (if you don't know these, I ask that you leave this blog immediately and go back to your little hole, never to emerge again). Then theres the Sacre Coeur, which is where I was accosted by the man with the bracelet, but the view at the top more than made up for it....

This was pretty incredible. It was quite a climb up a hill, and then a LOT of steps to get down, but it was worth it. This was at about 9.30am, on the day of my flight to return back to Leeds. I also saw what must be the weirdest building in Paris, Notre Dame. It is just a collection of odd bits of buildings. Alex and I had visited it a few weeks before, but I walked across the River to get a better view. Its nice, but odd. Then I saw Le Louvre, which was a bit disappointing. I expected the pyramids to be huge but they weren't. Was nice to see the place where the Da Vinci Code was filmed though.

So I came back to Paris for an afternoon and I found a pretty, quirky bridge named "Le Pont des Arts". Its a fad in Paris to put padlocks on this bridge with your name and the name of your love. Sounds pretty soppy, I know, but it had to be done. For those of you who don't know, the tradition is to attach the padlock to the bridge and then throw the keys into the River below, so it cannot be removed. I decided to keep the keys though and I now wear one round my neck. Alexandra has the other.

ANYWAY, I'm now back in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur at my school, preparing lessons and whatnot. It's going well I guess, better than before as I'm actually properly planning my lessons. Theres a lot of fog though, and the round-about picture for this post shows this....

I understand that this is a bit disappointing and boring as far as roundabout furniture goes, I have many more to come. But this is an exceptionally boring and disappointing image and therefore I am also going to include the most extreme round-about furniture I have experienced so far. I doubt anything will surpass this...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a glorified round-about, as you can see from the delightful bus rudely passing in front of my picture. I actually queued to climb this as it was such a nice day, only to get to the kiosk to get my ticket to be told that my backpack was too big. "Casse-toi" came to mind, but I just walked off, rather angry.

So it's less than a month now til i'm home for Christmas, counting down the days already. I am finally noticing an improvement in my French however, which is good. I am still in the process of persuading Alexandra to come and visit me in December. Something tells me a trip up the Eiffel Tower on a sunny winters morning would be quite special. But we'll see. She's can't really afford the time off work, so any donations are welcome? 

À Bientôt. 

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  1. accioabigail said... 10 April 2013 at 14:09

    Cute pictures! I've always wanted to go to Paris it looks beautiful!

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