Sunday, 7 October 2012


New Home, Final Year.

So I've been majorly slacking on writing my first post. It's my last year of University, so with that and working hard at the bar job I have in Leeds has taken it's toll this week! So while Michael has been swanning around in beautiful sunny Dijon, I have been stuck in the studio or working through the night and barely seeing the lovely weather of Leeds, ahem, not. Today has been my first chance to chill out and write a blog post!It's a little weird not seeing the person you used to practically live with everyday, and having to communicated through Skype and letters. There's something nice about it though, maybe i'm just a silly romantic.  
(look at his grin, aha)

Leeds really hasn't been incredibly exciting, though my new house (which I share with my housemate Beka) is lovely and so homely (photos to follow shortly!) I did make cupcakes today though, supposedly Red Velvet but they look a little anaemic, and not very red at all. More food coloring next time I think! They taste amazing though, so who cares. 

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