Sunday, 14 October 2012


3 days 'til Paris avec Alexandra.

So I'm starting my proper lessons this week at school, no idea what to do. I can do what I want, on any subject I want..... it's difficult no? Classes of 15/16 year old french kids. The only good thing about this week is the knowledge that Alexandra is coming on Thursday, and we have a day in Paris and then she's here for the weekend.

Been scoping out the pretentious arty places for her to see on her stay. For example, the château (always makes me think of gâteau, but no, its not a cake) of Chevigny Saint Sauveur:

I took this arty picture just for her. Either side of this path are grotty high rise flats so it's kinda ruined in real life but oh well. I've also decided that in each of my blogs I will include a new roundabout with odd furniture. This weeks is a naked woman with fountains in front of her:

I also discovered that the globe that is on the roundabout on my last blog actually lights up at night! It's beautiful. Why do we not decorate our roundabouts at home huh? It just solves road rage. It makes roundabouts happy places and not hubs for hatred and anger.

So yeah it's Paris Thursday so I'm sure the next blog will contain pretty pictures, and there will be more interesting stories about mine and Alexandra's times à travers la mer. It's just been pretty boring this week in Dijon, weathers the same as England. Although they do have a 'beach' next to a lake. So it's a fake beach. But I'll leave with this image.

À bientôt.

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