Friday, 15 March 2013


breaking the silence

So we (and by we I mean me, after all it was my turn) have been fairly shocking at upkeeping this blog. So I thought it was time for an update. I can blame my lack of correspondance on University (I have just written a 12,000 word dissertation) but really the only person I can blame is myself, and my own absentmindedness and my inability to complete anything. Ever.

So here is a super quick photo recap of the past 3 months(ish)
Using the powers of instagram!

So we've missed a lot. There was our 2 year anniversary, Valentines Day and my 22nd birthday (yes I am old) all of which we had to celebrate via the wonders of Skype and the post! But of course I received some pretty awesome cards and presents from the overseas boyfriend. We are also planning for the summer which now has some pretty exciting gigs to look forward to, including The Postal Service who have gotten back together especially for a tenth anniversary tour and The Mumford and Sons Stopover in Lewes, which is their own mini festival and has a great line up. (Though Michael is exclusively excited for The Sons and has taken to collecting everything Mumford.)
Despite the thrills (and intense stress of dissertation) I have been involved in a pop-up event in Leeds by a collective called Up-the-Steps. Working with Louis Vuitton and ReCreative, we were aiming to get young people into the gallery and involved in art. And so ensued an origami invasion!  It was great to get people of all ages attempting to create the crane and the butterflies which aren't the easiest folds to make. Safe to safe I am now an expert! 


Good practice for teaching I'd say, which is good because I have an interview for my PGCE at Leeds Trinity in exactly a month today!

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